1. Product Projects
  2. Technical Assistance
  3. Tooling
Product selection

Beplast puts its expertise to our clients, helping in the selection of appropriate materials for specific uses. Depending on the adopted transformation process, we seek solutions that meet the technical requirements and features of the application.

Application Development

Beplast helps in the viability of their ideas for new parts and applications. We put our technical layout of your business team to discuss designs and select the most suitable and economically viable products.

Color Development

With a database of over 50,000 colors developed in various polymeric bases, such as PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PC and PA, Beplast is able to develop custom colors for your application with speed and assurance of performance in various applications.
Specialized Technical Assistance

Our experts are ready to help in the identification and solution of practical problems its transformation process. We put our knowledge on materials and our application laboratory at your service. The Beplast participates directly with you through "try outs" steps, in optimizing their processes and application of products.

The Beplast provides customers your industrial structure, as well as all their "expertise" in the composition, preparation and extrusion blends, concentrates and specialty compounds. We enable the production of your polymer composition in our facilities.
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