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Beplast is a Brazilian benchmark which provides high performance solutions in masterbatches (color concentrates and additives), blends, and compounds for plastics processing.

The Beplast solutions improve the security, performance, comfort, and beauty of various industrial and consumer goods in Agricultural, Automotive, Footwear, Electrical and Electronic, Wire & Cable, Industrial, and Utility segments.

With a focus on quality, innovation and client relationships, Beplast promotes personalized service to their clients and develops solutions tailored to perfectly meet the functional requirements and desired technical specifications.

Beplast is committed to the environment and their employees, and supports actions for sustainable development. The Company retains the management of waste generated by their activities, and continuously improves their production processes to reduce any environmental impact.

Beplast started its activity in September 1991 and today the company is a national benchmark for quality solutions in plastics processing. While currently occupying a prominent position in the market, the company is growing steadily.

Beplast has adopted an entrepreneurial attitude, and is focused on providing quality products and solutions to their clients. This significant level of development is the result of a philosophy that invests in technology, quality and sustainability, exceeding the expectations of customers and employees.

In September/2013, the Beplast settled in its current headquarters in São Leopoldo / RS, concentrating its administrative sector and its industrial plant in an area of 7,500 m² involved with nature.

Seeking a competitive strategic positioning, the company opened a new industrial unit in March of 1998, in the city of Sobral - Ceará. With a modern structure, and its production capacity fully deployed, this unit will start to meet market North / Northeast, while the factory in São Leopoldo will be responsible for servicing the South and Southeast regions.

One of the most important achievements in this process is completion of ISO 9001 certification (Certificate No. 74545), which was approved on October 25th, 2000 by BVQI Certification Society of Brazil. The ISO certification is recognized in all countries worldwide for businesses and represents a strategic value. The conquest of ISO by a company shows that it meets the qualifications of an international standard in their processes.

Through a philosophy focused on the complete satisfaction of customers, with investments in technology and professional development, Beplast maintains its leading position in the market.

Rio Grande do Sul
Av Parobé, 2250, Bairro Arroio da Manteiga
São Leopoldo.
Phone: +55 (51) 3591-1800
E-mail: beplast.sul@beplast.com.br
Vila Noro Auto, 605, Bairro Distrito Industrial
Phone: +55 (88) 3112-3200
E-mail: beplast.nordeste@beplast.com.br
RS: +55 (51) 3591-1800 | Av Parobé, 2250, Bairro Arroio da Manteiga - São Leopoldo | beplast.sul@beplast.com.br
CE: +55 (88) 3112-3200 | Vila Noro Auto, 605, Bairro Distrito Industrial- Sobral | beplast.nordeste@beplast.com.br