In an agricultural country with big proportions like Brazil great, the overall modernization of the industry and the advancement of cultivation technology cause a growing demand for versatile , sturdy and reliable materials.

With its rows of additive concentrates, Beplast definitely contributes and participates in the construction of this evolution and growth scenario.

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Masterbatches special features - Antifog Anti-UV, Anti-UVA Filters, Infrared (IR), Reflective, Antioxidant, Assistant Process and Antistatic.

Colored Masterbatches with special pigments for identification and protection of agricultural products.



The automotive market is more demanding, requiring lighter and stronger materials, good-looking and that meet global specifications. The challenges are growing in relation to weight reduction, quality and versatility of the materials.

Beplast is able to collaborate with their customers through their product lines.

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- Thermoplastic Elastomers
- Structural products for internal, external parts and UTB
- Special effects Masterbatches
- Masterbatches special features - Antifog Anti-UV, Surface Modifiers.


In the footwear industry, the demand for quality and innovation is constant. There is a need to combine specific comfort features and aesthetics.

In this context, we work closely with our clients in the search for innovations that meet their demands and strategies with each new release.

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- Colored masterbatch: Extensive database of colors and effects specially developed for the footwear industry including transparent, metallic, fluorescent, pearlescent, thermochromic and photochromic colors.

- Functional Additives Masterbatch: Concentrates additives that provide the functionality needed to finish, comfort and appearance of the footwear.

- EVA Compounds, consisting on Beplaslen and Beplaslon rows.


Electrical and electronics

The market for electrical and electronic equipment is constantly evolving, demanding every day with materials and appearance features that meet innovative and bold designs.

Beplast develops with its customers product solutions to meet both, design, quality and performance.

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São compostos de diversos polímeros para conforme critérios definidos para melhor adequar aos requisitos de aplicações elétricas e eletrônicas.

- Flame retardants compounds ( NHFR, LSOH )
- Abrasion resistant compounds
- Electrostatic sinks compounds
- Compounds for blocking EMI and RFI
- Thermoplastic Elastomers for various applications

Wires and cables

The sectors of power transmission and telecommunications require specific for the production of parts and accessories of high technology products.

Beplast contribute with Beplasnyl line of masterbatches and specialty compounds on this area.

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- Flame retardants compounds ( NHFR, LSOH )
- Thermoplastic Elastomers



In this sector there is a need for materials with properties such as abrasion resistance, flame resistance, weatherability, among others, combined with the sturdiness and durability.

Beplast�s products offer tailored solutions to meet the industries Furniture, Wires & Cables and light and heavy tools.

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- Vibrant colors Masterbatches that help to differentiate and identify functions and applications

- Masterbatchs of additives that impart the functionality of flame retardant, solar protection and thermal protection

- Compouns lines Beplastech, Beplasloy and Beplaslon ready for use and sized tailored for each application


The market for household appliances is accelerating worldwide growth. Facilitating modern life, the DUs need to be practical, versatile, efficient and beautiful at the same time.

Beplast participates actively offering solutions through its lines of compounds.

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