1. Masterbatch
  2. Special Compounds

Companies seek to convey their personality, vision and values in your products. Colors, special effects and finishes enable to identify the image of each client and their brands. Innovations in Colors and Effects are in line with the new trends of the markets, the custom patterns and international color standards. Beplast offers a complete line of masterbatch colors and effects in various polymers for all processes of plastic transformation.


The performance is achieved by choosing the correct additive for the application and the process of transformation. The reliability and safety comes with a transparent relationship and constant work with the client at all times, from the beginning of the product design, to the monitoring of their performance on the field. The additive masterbatches of Beplast are tailor-made to the needs of each application or client for various polymers. We seek to combine the performance of the products to its reliability and safety in use. The line of additive concentrates is pretty wide going through the sliders, Anti-static, antioxidants, UV stabilizers, nucleating and the Flame Retardants.

  • Anti block
  • Flame retardant
  • Anti static
  • Anti fog
  • Anti oxidant
  • Processing aid
  • Conductive
  • Light controler
  • Slip
  • UV stabilizer
  • Surface modifiers


The use of resins and PVC compounds is widespread in various segments of the plastics industry. The technical characteristics of these vinyl polymers require products and specific processes for each application. Beplasnyl line was developed to meet the requirements of hardness, temperature, color and performance of different segments and applications of PVC resins. The colored masterbatches and additives of Beplasnyl line are produced in PVC compounds designed for each process and condition of transformation.


The polymer industry has always identified the versatility of a large differential polyolefin compounds. This family of compounds is based on polypropylene resins, polyethylene and its copolymers which may be modified via addition of fillers, reinforcements and additives. The properties obtained with Beplaslen compounds enable to meet the most varied industry segments. Beplast compounds have developed according to the specifications of each customer and application segments.


The properties and characteristics of the polymers are strongly linked to its chemical structure. The mixture or blend of two polymers produces compounds with novel properties and increases its possibilities of applications. These compositions are enhanced via use of compatibilizers, pigments and additives that give the new material features present in the original polymer separately. The Beplasloy line is focused on blends of engineering polymers to meet the Automotive Electronics and Electro-industry.


The engineering polymers are high performance materials with chemical and physical properties however some applications require special features related to thermal or electrical conductivity, thermal stability, dimensional and structural rigidity. To meet these requirements the more specific Beplastech compounds using compositions from different engineering polymers, special reinforcements and processes designed to enhance the performance of products. The Automotive, Industrial Electronic and Electro-segments are the largest field of application of these compounds.


Elastomers have always had very important fields of applications linked to the comfort, convenience, safety and appearance. The polymer industry has managed to unite with thermoplastic elastomers the opportunity to check the properties required to reuse the material. Flexibility is the most recognized property of thermoplastic elastomeric compounds. These compounds may also incorporate new features by mixing with other elastomers, pigments, fillers and additives. The Beplaslon compounds are developed to meet the specific requirements of each client.

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